2023 Prom

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EHS 2023 Prom
March 18, 2023
The Engine Room
601 South Madison Avenue
Monroe, GA 30655



Mrs. Jennifer Mestres - [email protected]
***To join the Prom REMIND 101, text @partyprom to 81010


  1. Both Juniors and Seniors can purchase tickets to attend the Prom. Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  2. Any Senior EHS Student who plans to attend Prom MUST pay for his or her Senior $40 dues. Dues are to be paid through GoFan.co.
  3. EHS students and their guests must be in good standing at EHS and their respective school.
  4. Students cannot have three or more separate out of school suspensions or excessive in school suspensions.
  5. Students cannot have excessive unexcused absences.
  6. Guests must present a driver's license or school photo ID for identification for admission. No person over the age of 20 will be admitted to the Prom.
  7. Only students and guests meeting the dress code requirements will be admitted to the Prom. It is the student's responsibility to inform guests of the dress code expectations.
  8. Prom tickets CANNOT be transferred to another attendee. If your date changes, then a new information form must be submitted and another ticket must be purchased.
  9. Absolutely NO alcohol/drugs/tobacco or vaping is permitted at Prom.
  10. All attendees and their belongings are subject to be searched.
  11. Students are not allowed to re-enter the Prom upon leaving. 
  12. Students and/or guests will comply with requests from the staff and chaperones. No rude or vulgar language or disrespect of adults will be tolerated. All Prom attendees must adhere to the code of conduct in the 2022-2023 NCSS Code of Conduct. 

Any student or guest whose attire is in violation to the published Prom Dress Code may be prohibited from entering the Prom and will not be entitled to a refund. Also, anyone altering their attire after entering/during the Prom and violating the Prom Dress code will be asked to leave.


  • No excessive exposure of the midriff.
  • Strapless dresses are allowed; however, they must meet the front neckline guidelines below.
  • Front necklines shall not be lower than a line formed between the right and left armpits. This guidelines governs cleavage, and the Principal's/designee's decision is final. 
  • Dresses, hemlines and slits must be fingertip length.
  • Sheer (see-through) apparel is not permitted if it exposes areas that should be covered.
  • Pictures of dresses are not required; however, it is recommended that a picture be submitted if you are not sure if the dress meets the Prom Dress code. All questions about the dress code should be addressed with the Administration/Prom Committee Chair prior to the day of the Prom.   IF IN DOUBT....GET APPROVAL!


  • Dress suits, tuxedos must be worn with a jacket, a tie bow tie, and a dress shirt
  • Shirts are to be worn at all times; vests must have a shirt underneath and must be buttoned up to the second button form the collar. 
  • Polo-style shirts, t-shirts, or denim (jeans) type type pants are not permitted.
  • Pants should fit properly on the hip; sagging pants are not permitted.